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Through extensive research, we’ve chosen the highest quality Premium & Super Premium Dog Food, that is packed full of nutrients & everything your dog needs.

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Dog Treats

Specialising in natural and popular Dog Treats that your loving, your furry companion will just go crazy about and love you even more for!

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Dogs Healthcare

Healthcare products that keep away some of those nasty ailments, bugs or keep your dog looking their best, including a range of Natural Remedies.

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dog food onlineWe specialise in dog’s nutrition, happiness & health through the best dog food brands available in Australia.

We want dogs everywhere, to live a long and fulfilling life, full of the ‘Character & Personality’ we all love them for.

We know and understand the importance, as you do, of great nutrition for your dog and the benefits it brings to maintaining their health and ultimately their ability to live a long and happy life!

At Just Dog Food, we’ve done the research for you, so you can trust that we only supply “Premium” and “Super Premium” dog food, dog treats and your dog health care solutions – delivered right to your door Australia wide!

Every dog has varying dietary requirements, and our premium and super premium dog food range has something for every dog. Including those on a raw diet, needing weight management, their preference is something organic, and even those suffering with Sensitive Skin, Sensitive Stomach, Joint Conditions and Dental Conditions.

Specialising in natural and popular Dog Treats that your loving, your furry companion will just go crazy about and love you even more for!

We’ve got it all covered at Just Dog Food, so head to the shop and check out our range of dog food, dog treats and health products.




DoggyLicious Hip, Joint & Coat Cookies 180g

$14.95 $12.95

You humans love collagen to help try and fix those wrinkles! Oh we see them but we love you anyway. Our collagen cookies have been created to help our joints and bones so we can keep bouncing around into our old age. We don’t care if it helps our wrinkles, we are more concerned about other things.

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DoggyLicious Protein Cookies 180g

$14.95 $11.95

Us dogs love a protein snack especially after a run but your human protein bars taste awful. This is why they have created the protein cookie using sustainable protein source, cricket protein. We love bugs, not only are they healthy and sustainable but oh my, they are tasty!

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DoggyLicious Calming Cookies 180g

$14.95 $11.95

You humans sometimes love to put us dogs through stress, so that’s why they developed these amazing calming cookies. They contain L-Theanine which reduces anxiety during stressful events and promotes relaxation without sedation.

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DoggyLicious Probiotic Cookies 180g

$14.95 $11.95

You humans aren’t the only ones who want healthy guts. Their development poodles have been working hard and created the Doggylicious probiotic cookie. It contains 7 strains of carefully selected probiotics to assist our gut health and overall wellness. Grain and gluten free.

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Salmon Tails 250g

$10.99 $9.99

Australian Salmon Tails. High in Omega 3 oils.

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SavourLife Grain-Free Small Breed PUPPY Food 2.5kg


Made specifically for small breed puppies. All-natural, holistic, Australian-made, grain free, gluten-free food with natural superfood inclusions like chicory, kelp and blueberries. It’s bursting with single-source Australian Chicken plus vitamins, minerals, natural prebiotics and amino acids. It contains no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

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Chicken Tenders Cat Treats 45g

$5.99 $4.99

Made from 100% Australian Chicken Breast, no cat can resist the great taste and natural goodness of this tender chicken.

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Ivory Coat PUPPY Lamb & Brown Rice


Ivory Coat’s Puppy food is going to be a sure fire hit with your pup. Australian Lamb is the number 1 ingredient, so you know it’s good for a complete and balanced natural diet.
Suitable for small to medium breed puppies.

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ZiwiPeak Air-Dried Free-Range Chicken


Different from other pet (and human!) foods that use factory farmed, free-run or cage-free chicken, our chicken is raised with even more room to explore—free-range and ethically raised with 24-hour access to forage New Zealand’s lush pastures. ZIWI® Peak Free-Range Chicken is a delicious recipe that both you and your dog can feel good about. Peak nutrition for all life stages.

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Doggy Dixie Cups & Scoops 10pk

$8.99 $3.99

‘Doggy Ice Cream’ needs some Dixie cups & scoops for a pawfect party. 10 x 100ml dixie cups (ideal for a couple of small scoops of ‘doggy ice cream’ (not included) or one large scoop. 10 wooden scoops make it easy to feed your dog this great treat.

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