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A shiny coat, strong teeth, and boundless energy are all signs that your dog is thriving and well. Dog health and lifestyle can be improved when you provide the right nutrition, and supplement with natural care treatments and vitamins.

However, even the best-kept dogs can still fall prey to pests like fleas, worms, and contract illnesses that require treatment and care. To make sure your dog can have the highest quality care, we stock the very best in pet supplies that treat or prevent common dog health problems, and put the bounce back in their step quickly!

Flea treatments for dogs

Fleas, ticks and worms are not just unpleasant to think about – they are a real irritation to your dog too! And they’re not just your dog’s problem, because those little critters can infect you and your family as well.

In Australia, paralysis ticks are a real danger to our pets, and can be fatal. If you suspect a paralysis tick, treat your dog immediately with a paralysis tick treatment like Frontline flea treatment and see a vet as soon as possible.
The best way to practice flea control and tick prevention is with regular treatment. Flea treatment for dogs consists of either chewy tablets or a topical spot spray. Just Dog Food stocks natural flea treatments such as Advantage and Frontline, so you can provide your pet with safe, quality flea prevention and relief.

Frontline flea treatment for dogs kills fleas in 12 hours and lasts up to a month, and controls nasty paralysis ticks. Frontline flea treatment tablets come in a range of formulas so you can choose the right dose based on your dog’s weight.
Advantage flea treatment for dogs is a topical treatment that provides fast relief and kills fleas quickly. Advantage flea solutions are also effective in lice prevention, and one treatment lasts for up to a month.

Worming tablets and heartworm treatment

For optimal health, dog worming treatments should be performed every three months for adult dogs. We stock premium brands of worming tablets that also work as a heartworm treatment, or all-round dewormer for dogs.


Skin allergies and eye care

Dog skin allergies can be a long-term battle. Skin allergies in dogs can cause dry or greasy skin, and frequent itching, scratching, chewing and licking. Removing processed food from their diet is the best first step; instead, give your dog nutrient dense, natural dog food instead.

Hypoallergenic dog food is a good choice for dogs suffering from skin allergies. Adding probiotics, and supplementing with dog vitamins can provide excellent long-term relief from symptoms. Ultimately, dog allergies can be dealt with very effectively by providing the very best dog nutrition.

Similarly, if your dog needs eye care, steer clear of eye drops for dogs that contain harmful ingredients like cortisone or antibiotics, which can have negative long-term effects on your pet. Natural Animal Solutions provides a range of eye drops that use natural silver extracts and plant-based ingredients to clear your pet’s eyes and prevent irritation.

Joint supplements for dogs

Sadly, more than 25% of dogs will suffer from arthritis as they age. If your dog starts to show symptoms of arthritis, there are several things you can remove or add to their diet to ease the discomfort. It’s a good idea to look for a dog arthritis natural remedy before you go for over-the-counter medications.

One of the most widely-used dog arthritis supplements is glucosamine for dogs. Glucosamine is a natural anti-inflammatory and helps rehabilitate damaged cartilage. Other dog arthritis supplements include omega supplements and vitamin c. Natural Animal Solutions offer all-natural OsteoForte tablets that support cartilage and joint health.

Whatever health issues your dog faces, Just Dog Food has a dog health or nutrition product to help. Our dog health range also includes natural remedies, weaning, worming treatments, heart tablets and ear-care products. We only stock premium dog foods, supplements and dog health supplies because we know that man’s best friend deserves the very best love and care.
Please contact us if you need assistance with choosing the right products for your pet.