About Us

Our passion for dogs runs deeper than our own fur-babies. We want all dogs to put their best paw forward and to do that, we are assisting their owners make the right choice when it comes to our dogs nutrition.

At Just Dog Food, loving dog owners just like you, want nothing but the best for their paw-some pooch. By offering a selection of quality premium and super premium dog food, you know that what you’re putting in front of your dog, will not only make them happy, but will ultimately contribute to their wellbeing.

Our team is committed to creating healthy and happy hounds everywhere – that’s how Just Dog Food was created.

We know that your dogs and pups will thank you for it every day.

By giving your dog a meal from our menu, you’ll not only be contributing to their happiness, but can ease a wide range of well-known doggie ailments including skin irritations, sensitive tummies and more.

You can also pick up your dogs healthcare products at the same time.

Just Dog Food has working partnerships within Australia that allow us to provide you with Premium & Super Premium Dog Food solutions for your favourite furry friend.

We will continue to provide dogs around Australia with some of the highest quality nutrition, healthcare and advice available. We look to only provide Premium & Super Premium Dog Food brands from Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

We are an Australian owned and operated authorised reseller for the brands we deliver.

We work closely with our partners to ensure the quality of the products deliver their promise to you and your dog and are of the best quality available.

So, here’s to you and your happy hound and thank you for being a part of the Just Dog Food family.

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The team at Just Dog Food.