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What Is The BARF (Raw) Diet And Is It Right For My Dog?


Our dogs are our best friends, and for most of us they very quickly become family. That’s why taking care of them is so important and for many this means taking a closer look at the diet you provide to them. For some dogs, there is an option that may have several benefits – the […]

What’s The Best Food For My Puppy?

Puppy Food

  There is nothing like a new puppy is there? A clumsy, energetic little bundle of joy that will steal your heart in a moment and remind you of what ‘love at first sight’ is all about. That same little adorable puppy will create havoc in your life as it gnaws on everything in sight, […]

Does My Dog Have A Food Allergy?

Having a food allergy is a very common Australian dog owner’s problem, accounting for 10% of all allergies found in Australian dogs and what many loving dog owners don’t realise however, is that there is a distinction between food allergies and a food intolerance and it can really help you and your dog to know […]

Fleas and Ticks on dogs in Australia!

Fleas and Ticks on dogs in Australia

Fleas and Ticks create a number of problems in Australia for dogs and dog owners and dealing with fleas and ticks is important to ensure that your dog doesn’t become infested and that they’re able to carry on with the highest level of health possible. Protecting Your Dog Did you know that protecting your dog […]