The Truth About Cheap Dog Food

Cheap Dog Food

Your dog is a part of your family and as such they deserve the same kind of love and attention that the rest of your household gets. That also means making sure that they get the right nutrition for their health, which in turn means that you need to pay attention to what you’re buying them and not simply look for cheap dog food!
So why are some dog foods so expensive?

We hear about people who time and time again just buy cheap dog food and expect it to be all that their dog needs. The reality is that while some dog foods are are cheap, the quality of dog food you give your four legged friend can really be impacted by what you pay.

Ever wondered why the same size bag in one brand is $20 and another brand is $120? Well, it all comes down to quality!

What Is Premium & Super Premium Dog Food?
The quality of dog food is directly influenced by what you pay for it. The reason? Cheap dog food is cheap because it costs less to make. And it costs less to make because they use inferior ingredients and use synthetic fillers, binders, and cheap preservatives. Think of it as eating junk food all the time – Sure it’s edible but over time it will eventually create problematic health concerns and expensive medical bills to go with it, let alone the suffering you will go through.

Cheap dog food has the same effect on your furry friend. All this can add to problems and expensive Vet bills over time. Importantly, you will restrict your dog from developing good bone and growth development when they are puppies, give them an inferior skin and coat over all, right the way through to ageing them earlier than expected due to the lack of great nutrition over time.

Quality dog food – Premium & Super Premium, in other words – follows a strict manufacturing standard. The ingredients are sourced from quality standard suppliers, is made from superior ingredients and formulated specifically to provide the kind of health that your dog deserves and needs to live the healthiest life possible in the right balances that dogs need.

Benefits Of Paying A Little Extra
Sure, your pet can’t talk so you can’t hear them complain and your pooch may still eat the cheap stuff. But there’s no question that paying a little more for their food makes a huge difference. Consider some of the benefits that come from Premium and Super Premium dog food:

  • Dog foods of this nature are formulated specifically for different dogs. There are Premium & Super Premium formulas designed for elderly dogs, puppies, small breeds, large breeds, and more.
  • The natural and superior ingredients of Premium & Super Premium foods also means that your dogs will gain better immunity and have less of a chance of developing allergic reactions from the foods you feed them.
  • Your pet will actually end up needing to eat less of the food because they’re getting more nutrition from it. Therefore any extra cost will balance out and you will find you are not picking up after them, anywhere near as much.

In short, your pet deserves and will benefit greatly from dog food that is of the highest quality. It’s worth paying a few dollars more for it, just as you enjoy good quality food.

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Advice and information provided in this article is intended to assist in keeping your dog happy and healthy.  Please always seek professional veterinarian advice or any specific concerns.